Helical staircase with spotlights and wooden steps built in an office in Modena, Italy

One of our customers in Modena needed a connection between his office located on the ground floor and the house on the first floor.

The space available to build a staircase was however cramped and small with limitations in the upper landing on the first floor.

After carrying out an on-site inspection we designed and built an helical staircase that optimizes the available space and at the same time enhances and furnishes the environment also providing a suggestive source of light.

The helical staircase is part of our Struktura series, has a diameter of 180, riser and tread closed in a straight edge.

We also installed a satin-finish stainless steel railing with 5 wires and performed a smooth plaster finish.
Steps with wood cladding.

To complete the work, we installed recessed path markers spotlights on the staircase side band every two steps.

The spotlights add a touch of class and originality to the whole environment as well as lighting the steps.

The final product is a practical, robust, safe staircase with a strong visual and aesthetic impact.

All our stairs are an exclusive European patent.

Scale elicoidali artigianali