Elika helical staircase
Elika helical staircase
Elika helical staircase

The perfect combination of elegance and solidity

The ELIKA model is manufactured in 9 standard diameters and completes a range of measurements for all requirements.

It features an open riser that gives the staircase more slenderness, transparency and luminosity.

This is why Elika staircases can also be produced for the narrowest of spaces.

On request, L’Elicoidale can supply the staircase “unfinished” or finished according to the customer’s taste and requirements.
Impeccable delivery times and assembly.
Speed and efficiency in carrying out the work.

Discover the Elika helical staircases

Elika helical staircases are authentic design installations and architectural furnishing elements that optimise spaces and enhance rooms with their transparency and luminosity.

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