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L’Elicoidale snc was founded in 1998 on the idea of the two founding members to manufacture a type of prefabricated reinforced concrete helical staircase, unique and innovative in the sector.

Since the beginning, our commitment has always been to maintain a fully handcrafted working method with the use of state-of-the-art techniques and strong creative artistry.

Over time, L’Elicoidale did in fact patent its system on a national and European level, allowing the design and manufacture of prefabricated reinforced concrete helical staircases, which are increasingly innovative in terms of function, practicality and superior aesthetics.

With a scrupulous and careful organisation and with its own corporate means, L’Elicoidale can provide for the sole supply as well as the entire installation of its staircases throughout Italy and in all EU countries and all non-EU countries, basically worldwide.

Handcrafted helical staircases
Handcrafted helical staircases
Handcrafted helical staircases
Handcrafted helical staircases

Handcrafted helical staircases
Handcrafted helical staircases
Handcrafted helical staircases

Handcrafted, customised helical staircases on request.

The company’s core business is the design and manufacture of any type of handcrafted and custom-designed staircases on request: helical staircases, indoor and outdoor staircases, spiral staircases, and modern staircases.

L’Elicoidale works with maximum precision combined with a professionalism that is recognised and confirmed by all its customers.
In fact, as soon as the quote is issued, it can calculate and respect the production and delivery times on site.

The corporate team consists of highly qualified and specialised designers, technicians and workers that guarantee:

  • Meeting deadlines with regard to deliveries and assemblies.
  • Speed and efficiency from design to completion.
  • Strict control of the materials used.
  • Care and attention to the finest details.

Handcrafted helical staircases
Handcrafted helical staircases

Other types of staircases

The Company’s activities are not only focused on the production of prefabricated helical staircases in reinforced concrete, steel, iron, wood, glass or mixed.

On request and after examining the construction drawings, L’Elicoidale also provides for the construction of any type and shape of staircase in reinforced concrete always during construction; straight open staircases, modern staircases, for indoors or outdoors and for any type of project.

An appropriate on-site inspection will be planned before installation in order to organise the work in the best way possible.

The Company also follows the entire organisation from the initial stage of the procurement of materials and equipment in order to perform all the subsequent assembly in its unfinished state.

Specific interventions in the construction field

L’Elicoidale performs specific interventions in the construction field: construction, reconstruction, maintenance and renovation of all types of buildings, both public and private, on its own and for third parties.

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