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L’Elicoidale supplies innovative, unique and original solutions by combining the flexibility of custom-designed solutions with high-impact design.

The tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship together with the latest technology results in a product with outstanding characteristics.

Construction and assembly of helical staircases
Construction and assembly of helical staircases
Construction and assembly of helical staircases
Construction and assembly of helical staircases

Handcrafted, custom-designed helical staircases.

Construction and assembly of helical staircases

All designed staircases are authentic design installations and architectural furnishing elements that enhance the space and optimise spaces.

The solutions provided can be customised with regard to the finishes and measurements and can thereby fulfil various structural, environmental, aesthetic or space requirements.

Construction and assembly of helical staircases


Staircases that redefine and optimise spaces, design new shapes, and enhance environments.

When building new houses or simply refurbishing the areas, staircases play an important part: whether straight open staircases, modern staircases, spiral staircases or helical staircases.

Integrating the staircases fully into the project makes it possible to obtain exceptional results in terms of design but also and above all in terms of ergonomics and function.

Helical staircases, which have a unique architecture, can be installed in all areas where the staircase is required to fit into the available spaces, is practical, robust, safe and has a strong visual and aesthetic impact.

With elegant harmonious lines and the use of top-quality materials, a helical staircase decorates any area with original, unique quality.

Accessories for helical staircases

Helical Railing

L’Elicoidale is specialised in the design and manufacture of railings for installation in a wide variety of staircases and furnishing situations, providing different solutions.

The railings are provided for protection and safety, but can also have a strong aesthetic value and thereby play an important role in the design and construction of a staircase.

The railings, which can be fully customised, are custom-designed with regard to shape, colour and finish.

Construction and assembly of helical staircases


Craftsmanship ⸺ Design ⸺ Innovation

Enhance your spaces

Handcrafted, custom-designed helical staircases for every space requirement.