Design and construction of customised helical staircases
Design and construction of customised helical staircases
Design and construction of customised helical staircases

Helical staircases with unique and innovative designs

L’Elicoidale is a company highly specialised in the design, construction and installation of concrete helical staircases.

The company’s working standard has always been based on manual skills, craftsmanship, expertise, quality, professionalism and creativity.

The exclusively handcrafted production process combined with the use of modern, advanced techniques makes it possible to create a unique and unparalleled product with regard to its structural and architectural features.

When building the staircases, all design specifications are taken into consideration and any architectural and engineering requirements are met.

Every job is followed down to the finest details and is completed by using a wide range of accessories for staircases: in fact, all possible types of cladding, finishing and railings are available.

L’Elicoidale combines the use of modern, innovative techniques with craftsmanship, thereby guaranteeing an end result that meets every customer need.

Exclusively handcrafted

The entire work, from creating the helical step to the construction and installation of the staircase, and right up to the customised railings is exclusively handcrafted.

The search for quality, the tradition of craftsmanship combined with the use of modern and innovative techniques, the attention to the finest details all make it possible for L’Elicoidale to perform works of great value and excellent workmanship.

Professionalism and respect for Italian craftsmanship traditions are the company’s basic principles and a source of pride for l’Elicoidale.

Guarantee and quality

The company’s working team is highly specialised, which is also the result of decades of experience in the sector and pursues the search of quality in every stage of the production process.

It represents a guarantee of maximum reliability and professionalism, providing and ensuring a strict control over the materials used and rapid delivery times.

Upon completion of the work, a certificate is issued to guarantee the products made and post-installation assistance is provided.


Design and construction of customised helical staircases

Services offered

On-site inspection and quote

A working standard that provides a complete, comprehensive and targeted quote.

Free on-site inspection when necessary.

Solutions to solve space-related problems

The on-site inspection makes it possible to provide and guarantee the best installation solutions thanks to our significant, twenty years’ experience in the sector.

Design and construction of customised staircases

Design and construction of staircases made of reinforced concrete, steel, iron, wood, glass and also mixed materials following the drawings and customised specifications of architects and designers.

Railings and finishes

Construction and installation of our handcrafted railings.

Work completion with any type of finish.

The railings and finishes can be customised on request.

Step cladding

Application of various types of cladding for indoor and outdoor staircases and steps.

Craftsmanship ⸺ Design ⸺ Innovation

We design perfect customised solutions for you.