Claddings for staircases and steps

L’Elicoidale manufactures and installs a wide range of claddings for steps and staircases.

The staircases and steps can be clad with a vast range of construction materials, such as wood, marble, granite, stone, terracotta, ceramic, carpeting, resin, mosaic.

These are only a part of the wide range of materials that can be used for staircase and step cladding.

The staircase cladding materials can also be mixed with a variety of combinations.

Staircases or only the steps of existing structures can also be clad to revamp their aesthetics and design.

Staircase cladding
Staircase cladding
Staircase cladding
Staircase cladding
Staircase cladding

Cladding for helical staircases

The cladding on helical staircases and steps can be applied on newly built staircases or on existing staircases, renewing their design and giving a new look to the area where the staircase is installed.

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