Railings for indoor and outdoor staircases

The railings are provided for protection and safety, but can also have a strong aesthetic value and thereby play an important role in the design and construction of a staircase.

L’Elicoidale is specialised in the design and manufacture of railings for installation in a wide variety of staircases and furnishing situations, providing different solutions.

The railings, which are made of various materials, are installed on existing or masonry staircases, on straight staircases or mezzanines, or installed with special calendering and with special fittings.

Various materials are used to make the railings: polished, satin and painted stainless steel, glass, reinforced concrete, plasterboard, wood or fully handcrafted wrought iron.

L’Elicoidale also manufactures railings in mixed materials or other modern materials, with flat vertical poles, tubular railing.

railings for staircases
railings for staircases
railings for staircases
railings for staircases

The railings, which can be fully customised, are custom-designed with regard to shape, colour and finish.

To offer the most appropriate, custom-designed product for each customer, the Company evaluates every proposal and customisation.

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Handcrafted, custom-designed helical staircases for every space requirement.