L’Elicoidale’s patent

Helical staircases with prefabricated steps are an exclusive patent. They are made in reinforced concrete with anti-seismic criteria.

To make them, single monolithic reinforced concrete steps are used with a riser or open tread, equipped with a special internal rib with an almond-shaped section.

The steps are assembled, reinforced and connected in the side newels and bolted to the base and top, adopting self-supporting helical movement.

The common techniques used to make the steps involve the use of formwork made up of several interconnected elements.

However, these techniques have a number of drawbacks and disadvantages.

The invention patented by L’Elicoidale has made it possible to overcome these limits.

It has therefore been possible to increase the structural stability of each step and, consequently, of the entire staircase.

Patented anti-seismic helical staircases
Patented anti-seismic helical staircases
Patented anti-seismic helical staircases

Structural safety, anti-seismic properties and greater height

The increased structural stability of the steps near the internal side trim – which is essential for greater height development of the staircase – makes it possible to reach significantly greater heights compared to those normally achieved by traditional helical staircases.

The invention also provides for a helical-shaped pillar as an internal part of the staircase, which makes it easier to achieve a height of 15 metres as opposed to a maximum height of 2.80 – 3.00 metres generally achieved by a traditional helical staircase.

The monolithic steps have a structure, conformation and reciprocal connection that enables the construction of helical staircases with unlimited heights and high structural safety.

The provision of appropriate reinforcement in the most critical structural areas gives the staircase high anti-seismic properties.

Thanks to their special features, these handcrafted staircases can be used in all environments and situations where you are seeking a structure that is space saving, sturdy and with a design of great aesthetic and emotional impact.

Patented anti-seismic helical staircases
Patented anti-seismic helical staircases
Patented anti-seismic helical staircases

Patented anti-seismic helical staircases
Patented anti-seismic helical staircases

Staircases, spiral staircases or helical staircases: essential furnishing elements

Once your environment has been integrated with the best solution, the staircases are then finished with different techniques and materials from any type of wood to fine marble and granite, stone, carpeting and resin.

The helical staircases are completed with stainless steel railings having up to eight wires, polished or satin finish, iron, wrought iron entirely hand-crafted, in glass, reinforced concrete, plasterboard, wood or mixed and other modern materials.

The staircases therefore blend completely into the surrounding environment.

Unfinished staircases

The helical staircases can also be delivered in their unfinished state for subsequent integration into the room and furnishing at a later stage.

Customers can also decide to autonomously install said staircase unfinished (with suitable instructions provided) and to finish it, respecting their own needs in terms of furnishing, costs, budget and construction time.

You can consult a selection of our staircases in the helical staircases section or discover our custom-designed staircases.

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