Scala elicoidale Luna
Luna helical staircase
Luna helical staircase
Luna helical staircase

Innovative aesthetics, harmonious and impactful design

The LUNA model is manufactured in 9 standard diameters and features rounded lines and delicate contours.

It is a closed and extremely sturdy model with a closed riser.

In addition, the crescent-shaped steps make the helical staircase slender.

With elegant harmonious lines and the use of top-quality materials, the Luna helical staircase decorates any area with original, unique quality.

On request, L’Elicoidale can supply the staircase “unfinished” or finished according to the customer’s taste and requirements.
Impeccable delivery times and assembly.
Speed and efficiency in carrying out the work.

Discover the Luna helical staircases

Luna helical staircases, which have a unique architecture, can be installed in all areas where the staircase must be sturdy, safe and have a strong visual and aesthetic impact.

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